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Awad Saber

Awad Saber

Financial Manager

ITQAN for Smart Solutions, Alexandria

In fact, we were thinking that we are making money for the company when we do our own publications directly with the print house, although most of them are far away and in Manshia area which is very crouded and there was a time, effort and transportation expenses, of course. With Printatak, its different. We choose our designs among tons of fascinating templates and create our printings in a few minutes. And guess what, they deliver it door to door Thank you Printatak

Dr. Moutaz Bourhami

Dr. Moutaz Bourhami



Great experience, Before Printatak, we never met our due dates due to many different excuses wither in the designing phase or printing with no control over them at all. But with Printatak.com, we finally can depend on a trusted service provider that deliver our publications on time with the best quality.

Dr. Mohamed Saad

Dr. Mohamed Saad

General Manager

Pharma Life

With a lot of publications, we used to have lots of mistakes and disputes with the printing houses. And sometimes, we had to reprint some at additional cost. With Printatak.com, everything is different. We do the design ourselves, with zero mistakes.