How to manage your account and it’s features.

What is Printatak Service?

Printatak is a design and printing of publications through the Internet in an easy and simplified way that helps you save time, effort and money. You can create your own account to receive all new offers and to shop through this account among our products.

How is the payment?

Payments are made through the Internet through the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) or through the Fawry Services available in any place within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

What countries do we ship to?

Currently spread throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt. And very soon in many countries at the level of the Arab world.

Who Manage my personal information?

Site management takes care of the information and details of its customers and keeping it under the responsibility of the site owners.

My account is not operational What is the reason?

The problem could be that you entered your email incorrectly. Please make sure to enter your email again or contact us here

How do I make a purchase order?

You must choose the materials, size, count you want and make sure the shape and colors are satisfying. Then you follow the purchase process and make sure the payment is finished. (You will be notified of the success of the process) by sending a message to your email. The duration of your application will be calculated from the next day of your order.

What is the shipping policy?

After you are notified of the success of your application process, the duration of your application will be calculated from the next day of your order. The period is from 4 to 5 days in Cairo and from 5 to 10 days in the remaining governorates. Shipping is done through major shipping companies in Egypt.

What is the Return and Refund Policy?

If you want to return any order, Please be sure to check our Return policy here and fill the return form here

What about quick shipping?

Quick shipping is possible, and we send the product within a day at an additional cost.

Are there other products to be offered?

Yes, there are many products to be launched soon.

Is there a chance to cooperate with advertising and advertising companies and designers?

Yes, we will soon announce programs to deal with advertising companies, advertisers and designers.

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